Donate Diapers - If you would like to donate diapers (either new in the package, or extras from an open package), contact us through the web form or shoot us a text and we will make arrangements for pickup.


Event Hosts -  Let's get creative with your small group, civic group, co-workers and friends by hosting diaper centered events. Our creative team would love to help you help us help babies in need.


Diaper Packers/Label Makers - Currently our largest distribution center gives out six diapers at a time. This requires diaper packs to be opened, bagged, and each bag labeled. As long as possible, we want to hand-write the labels, as we feel this is an extra special message to parents and caregivers. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know when and where you can help pack and label diapers with us.


Join our Amelia's Prayer Closet Team - simply fill out the contact us form and we will add you to our email list. Prayer requests and praises will be emailed to you from the Amelia's Closet Leadership Team.


Special Teams - Are you a grant writing guru? Couponing captain? Special skills in social media? Event planning extraordianire? We need you! Simply fill out the contact us form and we will contact you.


Get Social - please like and share our page on Facebook and Instagram.


Donate - help support our cause with a monetary donation. Let us buy the diapers for you (the average cost of a box of diapers is between $25 and $40).

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